Grass Feeds the World and Man Feeds the Grass

Sitting here on our deck in a comfortable chair, I enjoy watching my husband spread lime and fertilizer on the lawn. He does this so that he can continually cut that grass and dump the clippings on our compost pile, and dream of the next giant mower, tiller, weed-eater, or edger he can buy. Do you see what I see and feel? This process is a never-ending cycle very similar to doing laundry twice a week. I fuss about laundry having to be done, and he fusses about the 2 acres of grass that have to be mowed. But we do them both.

The grass is one of God’s creations, right up there with air and water. If man had created grass, he would have messed it up for sure, and it would be extinct by now. No, it is God’s unique creation for us. Most animals munch and crunch it. They eat the grass, or it’s seeds. Men fence grass in or out, according to their fancy or business. Grass is a massive industry around the world. When a baler costs more than a new car, and the other equipment necessary to make hay combined, costs more than my house, you get the picture. I dare you to do a search engine on the price of brand new combines. If you are not a farmer, it will shock you.

Grass feeds the world of animals, not just mammals. Rice, oats, rye, barley, wheat, millet, to name a few, are critical sources of nutrition for the world’s population. Yes, even fish eat underwater grass. As crucial as grass is to life and our world’s economy, the Lord said in the New Testament, Matthew 6 and Luke 12 That we are like the grass of the field which is “here today, and tomorrow it is thrown into the fire,” or with our grass, thrown on the compost pile. There is meaning to each truth in the Bible. How much time do you have here in this life to make a positive difference? Compared to infinity, our existence lasts as long as a blade of spring grass in a cow pasture. Commit today to do something positive that will make a difference in another life. Tell them the good news about Jesus Christ, the savior of the world.

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